jul 13 2015


A warm welcome to you, dear visitor!

What’s this site I’ve stumbled upon, you may ask. Or did you seek us out, and know exactly who we are? Whatever it is, allow us to introduce ourselves anyway.

We are Red Ate Wolf.  We are a band that came into being in 2011. We are four friends, coming together weekly, chatting and making music with beer in hands!

And that’s exactly what caused the birth of Red Ate Wolf, as a matter of fact! It didn’t take long for us to figure out that the four of us making music had potential. There was an undeniable synergy — harmony, if you will — as we tried to cover The Cave from Mumford and Sons one night, just for the fun of it. Soon after we gave It Ain’t Me Babe from Bob Dylan a shot (the Johnny Cash & June Carter version). Enthousiasm led us to practice new covers weekly. Soon we realized that, atleast for us, this was the real deal. We needed a name. And with the name came a need to make our own songs.

And that’s where we are today, with great Red Ate Wolf songs — written ourselves! — that could fill more than half the evening!

We are ready, set and willing to play for you if you so desire! So if you’re interested in filling your evening with music of a group of good friends who love to make it, feel free to contact us at: redatewolf@gmail.com

Oh! And we’ll invite you to keep reading and listening, for we will keep writing and playing!

Greetings from the four of us,
Red Ate Wolf